Proofreading serves as the final step in the editing process and takes place right before a document goes to print or is published. A proofread is meant to catch the obvious mistakes missed in editing and also the ones that are undetectable by a grammar and/or spellchecker. This service helps to ensure grammatical accuracy throughout the entirety of the project. A proofread only handles grammar and spelling and does not do anything for the actual content. If it is determined that a light, medium, or substantive edit would be better suited for your project, I may turn down a request for a proofread in favor of a service geared to fit your project's needs.

As proofreading is a surface level edit, this service will not address issues with flow, characterization, tone of the overall manuscript, or structure. Only surface level grammatical and spelling errors are sought out and fixed.

I use the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word to edit any and all documents.

Cost & Payment

Holding with the values here at Essence Editing, the cost for proofreading is .005 cents per word. This is geared toward being affordable due to the fact that if a document makes it to the proofreading stage, ideally an edit would have been done prior to this service. As state above, a proofreading service is meant to catch only those grammar and spelling errors that were missed during the editing process. Theoretically, there should be very few things that need correcting at this point.

If you would like this service, you will first need to email me a few pages/a chapter of your document so that I can verify that this is the service that would be best suited for you. Include any specifications and/or questions you may have. If you have a specific deadline in mind, include it in the email and I will see if it can be accommodated.

Provided that proofreading is the right service for your document and I agree with your specifications, I will accept the job and send you a Client Agreement form. To begin working, I require a 50% deposit of the overall agreed upon price for the service and will send you an invoice for the amount.