Line Edit


With a line edit, I will examine your document/manuscript on the sentence and paragraph level for content, language use, and writing style. To be clear, a line edit will not address any errors in grammar or spelling as that is the function of a copyedit. Instead, a line edit looks at the way the story is presented to the reader and looks for ways to enrich the story, increasing its creative depth. This type of edit works for any type of document you might have, from a blog post to fictional novel. The kind of things that would be looked for and edited are things such as:

  • Plot holes & other inconsistencies
  • Showing vs. Telling
  • Bland language usage
  • Run-on sentences
  • Pacing issues within a scene
  • Overused words and redundant information
  • Shoring up dialogue and paragraphs
  • Shifts in tone or unnatural phrasings
  • Confusing action
  • Bad transitions leading to unclear meaning
  • Words or phrases that could be changed/added to clarify and enhance your meaning
  • Any issues with world-building and unclear presentation
  • Additional suggestions that might enhance the story
  • Faulty logic

Basically, every aspect of the story is examined to make sure that the story or information you are attempting to get across to the reader is done so in the best way possible. I would like to stress that the utmost care is taken during the entire process to retain the author's voice throughout the work. It is not in my interest to make your story/report/article/blog post/book into my own.

Cost & Payment

A line edit is .008 cents per word. For example, a 70,000 word manuscript would come to $560 in total to have a line edit done to your project.

If you would like this service, you will first need to email me a few pages/a chapter of your document so that I can verify that this is the service that would be best suited for you. Include any specifications and/or questions you may have. If you have a specific deadline in mind, include it in the email and I will see if it can be accommodated.

Provided that a line edit is the right service for your document and I agree with your specifications, I will accept the job and send you a Client Agreement form. To begin working, I require a 50% deposit of the overall agreed upon price for the service and will send you an invoice for the amount.