Developmental Services

Have a story to tell, but don't know how to start? Have one started, but don't know where to go next? Perhaps you are having trouble with world-building in your fantasy story. Or maybe you have a beginning and an end, but don't know what to fill the story with. There are countless things that could be hindering your ability to write your story, but that is what Essence Editing's developmental services is for. With this service, I work with you in the developmental stages of your story, helping to form the fictional world of yours and fill it with believable characters and gripping situations. If there is anything you are struggling with, I can help you clear that hurtle and move on with the telling of your tale.

Not everyone will need the same level of service when it comes to developing a story. That's OK because not every story is the same and neither is every writer. We all have different things that are strong at and those things that we struggle with when it comes to writing. These services are meant to aid in those areas that you, as a writer, have trouble with. When a writer reaches a road block in the creation and telling of their story, it can often lead to the abandonment of the story altogether. Its a frustrating feeling when you don't know where to go from that point. As a writer and editor, I love the art of fiction and strive to help those who have a passion for creating it. If you have a story to tell and need some assistance, this service is for you.

Through conversing about your hopes for the story you have to tell, we will identify the areas that need the most attention. Doing so will allow me to develop a plan of attack that will best serve you and get you on track to telling your story. This service is not ghostwriting, so I will not be doing any of the writing myself, but instead will be guiding you.


Cost & Payment

Due to the nature of this service, a per hour fee of $20 will be charged for my time.

First, it will be determined exactly what areas you need assistance with so that our time spent will be productive and worthwhile. Second, you will decide how many hours of this service you would like to purchase. Once this is decided, I will send an invoice for the specified time. After I have received the payment for the full time being purchased, we will schedule when and how it will be best to communicate. If purchasing more than one hour, that time does not need to occur all at once. For example, if you purchase three hours of this service, it could be split into three different one hour appointments.

More hours can be purchased after you have reached the limit of the paid service time. Once payment is accepted, there will be no refunds for any time left over. So, if we take up two and half hours of a three hour block of time, you will not be refunded for that remaining half hour. Once you purchase this service, it is highly recommended you use every second of it that you possibly can, even if its spent going over something that was already covered that you may 100% understand yet.