About Me

My name is Donald Burt and I am the founder of Essence Editing. When I was young, I discovered my love for writing through the cartoons and anime I used to watch. Not content with how the story was going or how it ended, I created my own variations before beginning to develop my own unique stories. This passion followed me to college and three quarters of the way through getting my Associates in Applied Science for Massage Therapy I realized I was not pursuing what I wanted to pursue. After graduating, I adjusted my sights and realized through helping a fellow writer edit their manuscript that my passion extended beyond writing and into helping other writer's perfect their art. Upon that revelation, I went back to college and got my Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, followed by a certificate in copyediting through UCSD.

While I edit both fiction and non-fiction pieces, it is with fiction that my heart resides. There is such depth and beauty in creating fictional worlds either from scratch or using our current world as a canvas. I am a plotter through and through. If you do not understand that statement, then welcome to the writing world. The writing community can comically be divided into two categories: pantsers and plotters. These two terms are in reference to the style of writing a writer uses to develop and tell their story. Pantsers don't do a lot of planning before writing, choosing instead to write and let the words flow from their minds without filter or future reference. Stephen King is a famous pantser. A plotter is the exact opposite. We have this need to get as many details of our world and characters down before beginning to tell our story. I am of the opinion that plotters can very easily get a degree in psychology due to the level of attention we give the characters in our stories. 

My love for detail in my own stories carries over into the way I edit from the way that the grammar we use helps communicate our stories to the complexities of a story's plot and all of its characters. So, what do I get out of editing for other writers? First things first, a paycheck. Secondly, and just as important, from the moment I first edited for that fellow writer I felt an immense feeling of happiness in being able to help another passionate soul fine tune their fictional world and tell their story. My primary focus when doing any kind of edit for a writer is maintaining the author's voice throughout the entirety of the story. At no point do I let my own style as a writer come in and take over a scene or the flow and direction of the story. I want the story you write to be completely yours and I want to help you tell it in the best way possible.

Aside from editing and writing, my passion is first and foremost my wife and kids. I also enjoy drawing, which I hope to eventually incorporate into my editing services, as well as learning to play the violin and dabbling in wood working. I have heard it said that being a Jack of all trades is actually impossible, but I profoundly believe that whoever said that is just upset that they are unable to be one. Feel free to find me on Twitter.